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It is not a secret. Customers love our plumbing services. Have a look below at some of our latest testimonials from our customers:

Mark Adams

“Thanks to this service I had the opportunity to find prepared and professional plumbers in Prince Georges, MD. I am very satisfied. The emergency plumbers arrived quickly at my home. They are very prepared and solved my plumbing emergency. Furthermore, they do the job very fast.”

Patricia Hernandez

“I had a plumbing emergency in my home and I called the emergency service. A qualified plumber came to my home immediately and solved my emergency quickly. He left my house neat and tidy and in case I need again a plumber your number will be on my speed dial. “

Michael Jones

“I turned to the 24H Plumber Prince Georges due to a sewer & drain emergency. After a few minutes from the call, a specialized plumber arrived with professional tools, succeeding in a short time in restoring the situation. I am very satisfied with them.”

Susan Morgan

“Plumber in Prince George collaborates with professional plumbers. The plumbers are licensed and insured for reliability so I rest assured anytime I contact them. I will not hesitate to contact Prince Georges Plumber for every plumbing emergency because they will connect me only with reliable plumbers.”

Thomas Scott

“I contacted emergency service because I had a water heater emergency. Experienced and professional plumbers performed a precise, clean, finished and complete job. Excellent service.”

David Watson

“I called Emergency Service because I had to repair my boiler. A very competent plumber found the cause of failure and then solved my emergency quickly. For sure, I will recommend you service because I remained impressed by the provided service.”

Robert Thompson

“I contacted their customer service to install a heat pump at my home. Experienced technicians have done a complete job, clean and tidy, dealing not only with the installation of the tank but also with the removal and disposal of the old tank. “

Daniel Young

“I turned to the 24 Hour Plumber in Prince Georges to request an emergency plumber because my home air conditioner no longer cools the environment as before. A licensed plumber has carefully inspected the air conditioner, finding a micro-leak of gas from the pipe that carries the refrigerant gas. They get my air conditioner back in perfect condition”